Time To Get Out Of The Kitchen And Get Running


If you are like me then you spend way to much time in the kitchen cooking up meals and desserts for your loved ones. It is quite easy to over indulge at times. Lately I have found myself developing a little bit of a pooch which still boggles me since it always seems that I am chasing after the kids. You would think that would burn off some of those bothersome calories, but it wasn’t enough. After a depressing look in the mirror one day I decided to finally do something about it. And since I was running after the children it seemed nonstop getting a jogging stroller seemed like the next logical step. I have always enjoyed going for a nice jog when I was younger, had the time, and also had the energy. So this was the direction I went.

I knew they were expensive beforehand, so there was less of a sticker shock than probably most parents will have. My sister has one of these strollers and she prepared me for what to expect. I then went in search for some decent reviews just to see which models seem to be the most popular. The running stroller reviews on Marathon-training.net gave me a idea of what brand names owners rate the highest. I double checked my budget and decided to go with one of the high performance models from BOB. We have a park with some very nice trails and BOB strollers seemed custom made for those. So I narrowed the list to two of the best selling models.

BOB Revolution Flex

This had just about everything that I could want in a stroller. It is built tough, made for all types of terrain and it seem perfect for the trails near our house. Some of what I really liked about this stroller included:

  • Big air filled tires. These were made to handle rocks and non-concrete surfaces.
  • Independent suspension that will help prevent your child getting thrashed around as you go over bumpy paths. You want your child to enjoy the ride as much as possible so that you can enjoy your run.
  • Built tough. This stroller was made to withstand the wear and tear of off road running.
  • Adjustable handle bar. It “Flexes” into different positions so you do not have to strain to find the perfect fit. You can run with the correct form which makes things more comfortable and reduces the risk of an injury.
  • Nice large canopy. I am really obsessive when it comes to protecting my children from the bad effects of the sun. This model has a wonderful sun canopy that will shield them from this.
  • Storage seemed to be decent from what I could tell. I didn’t imagine carrying a lot, just enough for the occasional emergency. Younger kids might require more.

The Flex’s main draw is its handlebar. Often Mom is usually shorter than Dad, so having a means to make both comfortable while using the stroller is a desirable feature. However, since I was probably going to be the only one using this jogger, it was probably not that big of a necessity.

BOB Revolution SE

So this model had been around for a number of years and it is how BOB made a name for itself in the jogging stroller market. At one point it held the fastest time in a marathon, a true world record. It has since been broken, but this model has a proven track record for performance.

  • Revolution SE benefitsLarge air filled tires. Again, if you go off road this is important to have. It also has the same type of suspension as the Flex.
  • Durable construction is a stalwart of the BOB line of joggers. The SE is the forefather to all of their current line of strollers in this regard.
  • Awesome adjustable sun canopy that keeps those dangerous rays off of my little passenger. Did i mention how obsessive I am in this area?

Really, the only major difference that I could see between the SE and the Flex is the adjustable handlebars. Other than that they are basically the same in the important areas. This difference also made the Flex more expensive.

And The Winner Is…

Since I was average height and did not need a handlebar that could adapt I decided to save a little money and I picked up the Revolution SE. I’ve been running from day one and I haven’t looked back. I have been extremely impressed with how well put together this stroller is and how well it has performed. The little one absolutely loves riding in it. We usually go about 4 times a week and I have to say that I have never felt better. That pooch has slowly started to decline which is something that I am most definitely thrilled with. Getting a jogging stroller is a significant investment, but for our family it has been one that was well worth it. If you are looking for exercise ideas that don’t involve paying for a baby sitter, then a high performance running stroller may be just what you are looking for.