The Toaster Oven That Will Make You The Hit Of Christmas


With the holidays literally right around the corner, it is time to do some last minute gift shopping for family and friends. Well when we were out the other day we cam across the exact toaster oven that we have used for the past couple of years and it dawned on me that we could not think of a better present to give to a couple of people we know who love to cook as much as we do.

The countertop oven that I am referring to is the TOB-195 from Cuisinart. This has been one of our better appliance purchases that we have made in the last few years, so we picked up a couple of these to pass it forward, especially since the price has come down since we first bought it.

So what makes this such a great oven? This little work horse has a lot going for it, so we decided to write a short review for anyone looking for an excellent gift idea for loved ones. To start, it continues to get excellent customer reviews, like from me, and it is still rated as the best convection toaster oven for the money. This countertop oven is extremely versatile in the cooking chores that it can handle, and it also looks sharp with its stainless steel design.

Below are just a few of the reasons you should consider getting a TOB-195 for your kitchen.

Features and Specifications

  • 1500-Watt Oven
  • Automatic shut-off after every 4 hours
  • Easy to sue touch pad controls
  • Slice Capacity of 6 slices
  • Brushed chrome exterior
  • Always-even shade control
  • 2 rack positions
  • Functions: Toast, Pizza/Bake, Convention; Reheat, Bagel and Defrost buttons
  • Broiler pan and drip tray
  • Exact heat sensors for precise and consistent oven temperature
  • Polarized 2 prong plug
  • Dimensions: 18” W x 17” D x 10”
  • 3-year limited warranty


1. The oven warms up very fast

When in use, the toaster’s oven takes a few minutes to reach up to the required temperature. With the help of the broil function, the toaster takes only a couple of minutes to crisp up cheese. Toasts can be ready in 3 minutes using the default medium setting.

2. It has a long timer

With a maximum cook time of 4 hours, one can cook any food evenly. The time is much longer when considering what other brands have to offer. Majority of the toasters in market have a maximum cook time of 2-hours which is way too low for preparing food.

3. The toaster is durable

Cuisinart TOB-195 can consistently prepare food for years before one considers replacing it with another one. Most of the online reviews even state that the toaster can go up to 5 years and even more while producing top quality work.

4. Works like conventional ovens

When preparing smaller meals, it’s not necessary for one to heat up the big oven. Cuisinart TOB-195 can handle virtually any type of food and transform it into a delicious dish that the family can enjoy.

Other Notable Benefits:

  • An attractive design
  • LCD display and Digital control panel
  • It’s versatile
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty


1. Difficulty in crumb tray access

Cuisinart TOB-195 is designed with a crumb tray access at the back as compared to other models like Cuisinart TOB-135 that is accessible from the front. It thus means one has to move the unit forward or turn it in order to slide the crumb tray from its rear end.

2. Complicated settings

The Cuisinart unit is not easy to control like the manually dialed toaster ovens. Most ovens are naturally easier to use as they only require 3 dials to complete the temperature setup. But for Cuisinart 195 TOB-195, an individual is required to press a button to set the function, another for the temperature as well as timer. Hence it requires one to read the toaster manual first before operating it.

3. Inflexibility

Cuisinart TOB-195 comes with some functions which have default time and temperature that can’t be changed. Its timer for instance, only works for bake and broil functions only while the standard temperature for the broil temperature is set on a default of 500 degrees with no alteration allowed. So the inflexibility cannot allow one to cook food that is in line with the desired tastes and recipes.

The TOB-195 is another shining star for Cuisinart as they have an excellent reputation for making some of the most dependable small kitchen appliances.  This toaster oven has really performed well for us over the years and we are going to feel really good about seeing our friends unwrap this in just a few days.  If you have a loved one who spends more time in the kitchen then any other room in the house, this is perhaps the best gift that they will get.