Continuing The Kitchen Food Processor Legacy


Cuisinart was the very first to introduce the food processor to the American market back in the early 1970’s, and they are still helping amateur and professional chefs make magic in the kitchen.Their entire line of food processors are still some of the best selling and top owner reviewed models on the market. If you are just getting your feet wet in the kitchen and are looking to expand your horizons as a chef, getting one of these machines will help you achieve your goals a lot faster.

Cuisinart is known for making some of the most dependable, powerful food processors that are built to last and perform at a high level for years. Most of the top food processor ratings include a Cuisinart model high up on their list, and for good reason. They are consistent and reliable performers that owners just love to use while preparing meals. We decided to highlight one of our all time favorite models that we continue to use in our own kitchen.

While they do have more modern models available, the DLC-10S Pro is a classic that continues to help cooks across the country save time while preparing a wide range of recipes. We will give a quick review of this quality food processor and demonstrate why it belongs in just about any type of kitchen.

Food Processor Features

Medium Capacity Bowl – For single people or small families, the 7 cup bowl is just the right size for just about any meal. You should be able to cut, dice, slice, mince and grind just about anything that you can drop down the feed chute with room to spare. The mixing bowl is also made of extremely tough material that is almost shatterproof.

Strong Cutting Blades – This is one of the highlights of any Cuisinart food processing machine. Their stainless steel cutting discs are made to deliver a consistent slice every time. They are also relatively easy to clean and will not corrode or rust. They can handle the hardest vegetables with ease and will help you save time by allowing you to put away the cutting board.

BPA Free Parts – For those concerned about the chemical makeup of the parts that come into contact with their food, the DLC-10S is made from safe materials that do not contain any BPA.

Large Feed Chute – Using a food processor is supposed to save you time and the large feed tube on this model lets you drop in large sized pieces of food without having to cut it up first. This can be great when dealing with onions so that you can avoid the inevitable tears that these vegetables tend to produce. Letting the food processor do all of the work is the plan so that you can put away the cutting board.

Great For Mixing – With enough power to handle cake mixes, pizza and pie dough, this model is a great option for anyone looking to do more types of baking and cooking in their kitchen. It’s 7 cup capacity is large enough to handle small to medium sized baking recipes. With the proper mixing blade, making dough is easy and convenient. This also adds to the overall value of the machine by giving you great versatility.

Simple Styling

It does not have any of the sleek styling of some of the newer food processors, but it does not have to look pretty to get the job done. This is one of the reasons that it is considered a classic. Its square lines and white color does not make it as appealing the eye as some of the other stainless steel or polished matte finishes of some of the other top quality models, but what it lacks in design it makes up for in power and efficiency. Besides if you do not like looking at it, it is light enough to move back and forth from a storage cabinet.

Budget Friendly

While some other highly rated food processors can run upwards of $400, the DLC 10S can usually be found for around $100 online making it an excellent option for anyone who would like a workhorse that won’t break the bank. It is powerful, reliable, and easy to use, which makes it a bargain at any price. This is why this food processing machine is one of the top recommended models that you will find. It has really stood the test of time and it will save you a lot of the headaches that food prep can throw at you. So treat yourself to something that will get a lot of use out of while cooking organic raw vegetables in your kitchen.